2004 Audi A6 Quattro Questions

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Possible blown head gasket, car runs but sounds and feels compression in the spark plug chamber. water and oil mix in the spark plug housing.
comes on while driving
EPS light comes on while driving. usually when i come to a stop
After two or three tries, the car turns over. EPC light still on. Disengage engine, restart and car turns over with no EPC light. Have had a few stalls while driving.
While driving the low oil light came on. And then the hose blew. The car shut down and after filling it with oil and repairing the hose, now the car won't start. Not even turn over. The EPC light is on as well.
I drove about 15 miles to my sister's house, parked and when I was leaving, the engine turned over just fine, but it wouldn't start. It seemed like it wasn't getting gas or like when the older cars would get moisture in the distributor cap, there wouldn't be a spark. The next day when I went back to my sister's home to meet the towing service, it started right up. I took it directly to a German garage and they couldn't find a thing wrong. So the next time I drove it, I stopped to put flowers on my wife's parents grave site & when I tried to leave, it did the same thing as the first time. Turned over fine, but wouldn't start. We waited for about 5 minutes and it started again, but it struggled a little getting going. We drove 50 miles with no trouble, but this morning it won't start again. Can anybody help? The car shop ran extensive tests on it saying they couldn't find a thing wrong.
When driving and take sharp turn rear drivers side sways
And when i get car to restart, the idle revs. Any ideas?
Also, where can I find a list of recall info. for my vehicle? Thank you.
Where are the relays in the 2006 Audi A6 located?
What components are effected if the electronic power control light comes on and components causes the light to come on
My car was diagnosed with a bad brake switch the car drive anyway and then had an accident not related at all.. but the damage was to the under carriage oil pan area and since then my shifter will not move from park with battery connected with battery remove the shifter works fine So I think the brake switch is bad and the foot on the pedal light is on by the shift lever .. So how do you replace this switch I hear it's tricky with the plunger ? Can anyone give assistance!!! It is appreciated Have a Happy Thanksgiving..
The lights come on intermitantly. Fuses have been replaced and contacts (fuse box and fuses) cleaned.
The volt meter is reading almost to the high red range.
it starts to over heat white smoke from hood and tank broiling
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