2003 Audi A6 Quattro Questions

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I've had the car inspected by 2 different mechanics and both said that the blower resistor was the issue to my ac not working. They both want to charge me $275 to fix it but I found the same part on Amazon for $20. I wanted to see if this is something I can do on my own?
less than 30000 miles, the front tires were worn out on the edge and both front tires had to be replaced. Tire pressures are maintained at 33 PSI or 32 Psi.
Do I need to have toe and camber adjustment? Thank you
Hi, I'm just trying to buy a parts car for my 2003 Audi A6 3.0L Quattro. I found a 2001 Audi A6 4.2L Quattro with motor problems. My car was in a minor front end accident before I bought it so I'm just trying to replace the Front Bumper, Headlight Mounts (Screws, plastic mounting surface, etc), Fog light harness, and a lot of interior parts (plastic pieces for window controls, cup holders, etc). Would this be a good vehicle to buy as a parts car for this instance?
As soon as I pushed the button the car just shut off and I put it in park and turned it back on but it's done it several times today?
Is there a way to bypass the sensor for the key box to sence the key I have the key I lost the sensor box
the signal lamps on dash were constantly on and the headlight and tailites stayed on after I shut the car off. What is the issue and how do I fix it?
has automatic CVT transmission. Does move in reverse.Have a 0730 code.
has automatic CVT transmission. Does move in reverse.
Won't show what gear i'm in when in automatic and won't shift at all in manual. Pulls out slowly like it's in high gear and won't shift while driving. Someone PLEASE HELP ME.... I so desperately need it.
Is there a chip in a 2003 Audi didn't look it what alse you have to do when changing a ignition
I tried to time this vehicle but, when i install especial tool on side of block the timing marks on crankshaft pulley does not line up with timing mark on block. Also #1 piston is not all away to the top and camshaft tensioner passenger side is up all away, but driver camshaft tensioner is almost all away down.
Car start but it shows no compression on two cylinders on the driver side bank.
It does not seems the valves are bent because the caps are not loose. I got Mitchel1 step by step procedure but nothing matches to the direction it shows. Please help. Nicholas Wood.
Also is wearing my tyres out prematurely. I think maybe the stearing rac may need rebuilt. I need confirmation from someone who has had experience with Audi's in the past and who may have an idea on cost.
Car was running amazing. Shut it off in my driveway for a minute. I just got the car so i wanted to start it up again. But when i turned the key a weird noise came from the fuse area and won't even turn over. The battery is charged and radio/headlights, etc all work. I have no idea what the problem is. Serpentine belt does squeak btw and the warning light for washer fluid and dynamic headlight dimmer control not functioning appeared when the car was on. (just mentioning those) Also the malfunction lamp (MIL) and EPC light up when the ignition is turned on.
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