2001 Audi A6 Quattro Questions

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My Audi has no engine codes. Shifting sounds fine. When put in drive will start driving. But then the engine tries to redline for a sec while losing acceleration eventually slamming back in. Reverse has no probs.
The fan and power steering pump need replacing. Can’t figure out how to remove fan. The fan is in front of the power steering pump.
Into connectors?
Recently bought Audi A6 2.7tt and the heater does not get hot. A/C is very cold but heat into the car and rear window heater doesn't seem to be working correctly
Always and only to the right
never had an issue with car since purchase. Maintained well/ self maintained. Currently after ten or less minutes of driving the pedal becomes non responsive and then after an hour or two of rest the response returns and the cycle restarts. I believe it's an electrical issue and hopefully a home fix. Any insight?

When Im driving and a ease on the brakes my car skirts and stop and locks up and when i try pressing the gas its as if my wheel locked up and won't move my car still stays on but I could literally be flooring it and it moves bearly then i have to go in to netrual and back to drive just to get it to let me drive it
I already replaced the catalytic converters,, but the problem continues.
It will catch after a few seconds but when it is in first gear it will hardly move once it shifts into 2nd or after going above 20 mph it moves fine. It is an automatic or what I have heard people call it an auto manual.
I was driving my 2001 Audi A6 quarto will not start it won't crank or turn over no noise at all but all the dash lights work as normal it all happened when I was driving and I put it in neutral and turned the engine off while still in moving when I tried to start it back up it did nothing I thought it was going to start only cause the dash lights work this is the first time it's ever happened
I have a 2001 audi a6 2.7 turbo quattro. I installed aftermarket subs in my car & after a week my right idle taillight & front yellow light will not come on. All my blinkers & other light functions work & it's not my bulbs, fuses or bulb holders either(I've changed and tested those things). Do you know what it could possibly be ?
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