2000 Audi A6 Quattro Questions

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I have read up On this issue and everything points to the transmission control module under the floorboard. The problem is it gets wet (somehow) . I’m wondering if there are any other problems that could cause the vehicle to not be removed from park, besides a bad transmission control module(TCM) please help! Not used to working with foreign vehicles!
I stopped at a red light, when I took of it seems as if the car did not shift out of second gear. Also on the instrument panel the selector parking, drive and neutral indicator does not show the position when car put in drive or any other position. It has been highlighted behind the letters. Does anyone have and idea ?
it feels like I am in first gear but its an automatic
The front right hand wheel completely locks up once I apply the brake. It would occasionally lock up if I applied the brake suddenly and hard. Eventually real easing itself. Now however it just locks up, this has me baffled. Any suggestions please.
So as soon as i hooked up the last jumper cable ,somthing in my engine compartment poped quit loud. Like a cap gun sound. Now it will only start once out of 15 tries. And once it does start it will die after 15 -25 secounds of running.just like i shut it off. Whut is wrong? Thanks.
They telling me to replace the vss but I need to know how to do it can sumone please show me or tell me exactly and how to replace the vss on the 2000 audi a6...please please I'm in dying need ..
Any connection in these symptoms?
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Also 300 n 301n 302 which is the O2 sensors are reading too lean. I just replaced the fuel filter that was factory.
car jump time and bent valves when we tried to start it after we installed auxilerly water pump. what could cause the timeing to jump, timing belt and gears perfect condition (new last year)
my audi was running just fine and i was out of town for the week end and i went to drive it and it wouldnt start it makes 2 very low clicking noises and i go to start it and the engine turns but dont start i checked fuses and it has a full tank of gas primum and well i cant get it started what could it be i also bought a new battery please help what can i do
and other devices work as designed.
my 99 Audi a6 Quattro Avant overheats and when I turn on heat blower temperature gauge go back close to normal.
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