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some days it will start and drive all day just fine, other days my car decides it just doesn't want to go anywhere. The symptoms are: generally low power, generally low and unsteady idle, sputtering and backfiring, and engine will start misfiring (not for any reason obvious to me) when I'm driving so i pull over and it dies. if i try to start immediately after it dies the starter will turn over but no spark, after about 15-30 min of waiting the car will start as if nothing was wrong. the engine light will turn on and off throughout the week but with seemingly no correlation to my problem. The issue seems to worsen below a half tank of gas, but is not gone above a half tank.... help?
I didn't want to start replacing parts, crank sensor, etc. until I could pull some codes, but I cannot retrieve information off engine computer.
I accidentally added power steering fluid to brake fluid. How do I flush my brakes?
I drive an Audi A6 Quattro 187k+ miles and was told the control arm bushing needs replacement & is causing the wheel alignment issue. The replacement is very costly and I was wondering if tire rotation every 3k miles can delay the replacement? What can happen if I delay replacement in addition to uneven wear and tear of tires?
I have no idea what it is. I left this morning in it, and it started up great twice. I went outside to go to the bank, and it won't start. I put the key in it and nothing comes on. The AC doesn't come on, the radio doesn't come on nothing does. I put a new battery on it and still nothing works. The only thing working is the power seats for some reason
3/4 of the lower part (orange plastic part with metal underneath it) of the oil dipstick broke off and I don't know when it broke or where the part went (stuck in the tube or dislodged in the pan) ? My questions are: (1) is this something I should be concern about? (2) doesn't the car have an oil filtration system that will stop unwanted elements from advancing to where they shouldn't be? (3) will the broken part (stuck or dislodged) cause any kind of trouble to the car in any way? (4) can the part be removed when oil is being drained during an change oil? or is it an extra procedure that needs to be done? if it's something extra, approximately how much extra would it cost to get the broken part removed? Thank you so much in advance.
How can I get a additional Key for my Nov 2005 Audi A 6, 3.0 Lt. Quattro. must I pay £ 200 + VAT, thanks for any help. Ivor
lower speeds and rpm light comes on.Higher speed and rpm will stay off until I reduce speed to 2000 rpm.
my car has a check engine light on it wont start anymore and its leaking fluid can someone tell me some reasons why
i cant get the plastic ring out
It don't happen at any specific times seems to b worse when under a quarter tank of gas I replaced the spark plugs. When I press the pedal to the floor it only gets to 4000 rpm and no faster than 40 mph it still stutters then after a few seconds to a minute the rpm go way up and its fine sometimes ir will do it again rite away and some times its good for a while and the engine light comes on sometimes and goes back off
My car is Audi Quattro Avant A6 ( 4A ), 2.0L Motor, Bensin,5 Manual Gear.
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oil lesk on passenger side
all power window went down on day and at the end of the day first no windows would go up and then the back went up but now the front will not roll up and they all are power windows. plus the back will not work up or down. in checking the fuse it was tested as good. can you help me I need my windows up before it rains again. thank you.
My car used to be so quiet when I turned on the engine. So quiet that sometimes I would switch it on again forgetting it was already on. That was a 100k miles ago. Now it's not as quiet and I definitely can tell the engine is on with a little vibration, with 170k miles on it, that is expected and acceptable, don't you think? I had an earlier post about the coolant reservoir replacement, now that that's resolved, my new mechanic tells me the engine (L & R) and the transmission mounts (both) need to be replaced because they're getting old and loose hence the vibration. There were certain services on my car that my old mechanic suggested to ignore, unnecessary repairs on an old car is truly a waste of $$. For as long as it did not affect the car performance/engine, leave it alone. (1) I want to know if replacing the part in question is one I can ignore, after all, the little vibration I feel on the car is not really bothering me? (2) How much does it normally cost for this kind of service if I took my car to an Audi Specialist? (3) Can you please recommend a trust worthy one within 15-30 miles from 92336 area code SoCal? Thanks in advance.
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