2007 Audi A6 Questions

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my car is audi a6 2007 2.4 ( 100,000 mile)
first the battery was very weak, this may be cause unstable start of the car, but after the car running for about 10 km. then went off suddenly. when i turn the key again to switch on, hard noise taking place in the engine!!?
Key fob won't work ignition was changed at aution
The yellow side lights come on but thats it dont know where the ecu fuse is either .
engine light says I am low on do i refill it
then you could have the boot open and not open any doors, last resort not would open not even with the key.

Audi told us we need to new door locks and diagnostic costing 804.00.

Will it resolve the problem they are not sure.

a6 30 thousand on the clock 5 years old not used very often????

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