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what are signs that your head is cracked or gasket blown ? car works perfectly but overheats and the radiator cover pops out. thanks in advance for any info.
when the light are on brake light signal appears but all the lights are working
Do u think its the transmission? Or the chain in the transmission has broken? Its the first time this has happend. What is the best thing to do to solve the problem?
In the morning I have to crank 3 times always to start , only if I stop and crank again in not more than 5 minutes it will start on first crank ,if I make stop over 5 minutes I have to crank again 3 times (only sometimes 2 times). Fuel pump and fuel filter replaced but it is still doing the same thing . Thank you for any help.
Engine light on po491 & po492 but not to worried about tht if it dont have nothing to do with the issue at hand im not getting any misfire codes so why stall...please help..v8 4.2 03 audi
when i crank up my car it starts to idle up&down and soon as i out it into gear it starts to try&kill on me and start shaking a little&then it will die on me.also my check engine light is on and the triangle with the arrow symbol came on can you please tell me what is going on.the problem jus started right after i put cicle k gas in my car i tried to crank it up after 8 hours of filling up.
I turned it of, but when I turned the car back on it started checking and when I put it on drive it started jocking. What could it be?


i started the car and the engine light did not go out I JUST HAD IT OUT THE SHOP FOR REPAIR OF WATER PUMP TIMING BELT AND SENSORS REPLACE
i was thinking about replacing my axles.i wonder if there is a difference in my audi.i have an 03 audi a6 3.0 non there a difference in the front axles my car from a 3.0 quattro. how much will the cv shaft costs me
brakes lock up sometimes if i wiggle the brake peddle it will free up brakes
The cigarette lighter is not working. Its not getting hot and it seems to be stuck. I use the lighter outlet for my GPS and having no luck. It just strange how it was working perfectly just last night and its better today.
5 weeks ago, I purchased my Audi. I want to replace the spark plugs. Please tell me how to remove the coils and replace the plugs. Thanks
were is the location of the engine coolant temp sensor code reading p0118 tells me its bad
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