2001 Audi A6 Questions

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had converts 2 ea. replaced all 4 o2 sensors replaced w/Audi ones 3 times still have o2 sensor faults that , saying too high resistance and short to b+ never changed . the Audi garage can't figure it out so can anyone help thanks mike
Oil leaking at the bottom
It slowly stopped on me in traffic and after it came to a complete stop i attempted to start it and you can only hear that its trying to start but wont.
Is this a DIY issue or will I need a mechanic?
engine may have seized up
Audi 2001 a-6 needs the starter replaced how much will it cost total to fix
put it in 2 clicks then started to bolt it to the motor and it wasnt coming together. and the torque would not spin. cannot get it to go in any farther.
if i manage to keep it running then it surges really bad. doesn't seem to do it in reverse.
how do I replace the low beam halogen bulb?
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