2008 Audi A4 Quattro Questions

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It doesn't whine while parked and reving the engine. Only makes the noise while under power. Doesn't make the noise while cruising only when I accelerate.
Sometimes it wont shift to first gear and sometime it does and vice versa with the second gear
Car worked fine, next day all kinds of symbols showed up on dash. The air does not work unless it's on defrost,cruise does not work, radio does not shut off when key is removed and door is opened, steering wheel controls do not work, toms light is on even though tires are at 40psi, Lights work but the warning light is on. HELP all this happened overnite when car was parked in garage. Took to repair shop I was recommended to and he had no clue and told me to take to Audi. Codes 05495,49412,49508,01317,00474,49682,01317,01312,00474,01800,00532
Car stalled out and electronic malfunction light came on
The mechanic says the valve cover is causing the leak, NOT the valve cover gasket. The cost will be $800, and I think this includes both the valve cover and the valve cover gasket. Does this seem right? Diagnosis says: "Valve cover is leaking oil. Breather system needs replacing with the updated valve cover, vent valve, hose, gaskets, and clips. $800." How urgent would this repair be?
Problem occurred suddenly. Reception was very good previously.
Reception now is snow sound with very faint reception in the background. Hope its just a disconnected arial wire. Thanks for any suggestions
At what mileage should a timing belt service be completed on an Audi 4 quatro
This would include clean throttle body, intake manifold , valves lines and additive to fuel. What should it cost
Had the A 4 for about a week, the lights went out. Took it in to Carmax (where we bought the car). They replaced the bulbs and 2 weeks later the lights went out again. Took it to Carmax, they sent the car to a Audi dealer and they said they couldn't find anything wrong, they replaced the bulbs and the lights lasted about about a month and they went out again.
Making noise is since a dealer did tire rotation a few days ago. Did tire rotation effect to damage wheel dearing ? Now it will cost over $800.
check engine occur just today so i want to know what happen so i attanch my diagnostic apparatus it happen the number show p2008 & 2015
Check Engine light came on and the car shakes and stutters when started but then drives fine. My husband just accidently put regular gas in it so i dont know if thats the problem.. Also, it just had an oil change about 500 miles agfo and is at 54000 miles. The guy at the dealership service center actually told me not to get the 55k service since it is a lease and i only have a year left. Does anyone have some advise or thoughts to what the problem could be?
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