2005 Audi A4 Quattro Questions

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While cranking my car it turns over fast . While not starting , we can hear what sounds like rhythmic piston pushing air out of compromised gasket. Thank you!
Oil leaking
Oil has been changed also
My dad has 05 audi Quattro 2.o turbo he has 1st 2nd an 3rd gear but no 4th 5th or 6 culd this be the tranny bad? He can get it up too 80 an it runs at about 6000rpm plz any help or advice wuld be appreciated
I got the car from auction. It did not indicate these issues. Odometer and speedometer does not work. Break lights are on after i got the rotar changed. ABS and Engine lights are all on? Other than all this the car runs fine

Please help
my audi doesnt have spark plug wires. my engine is described as coil on plug ( COP) ignition do not used ignition spark plug wires and i already replace the ignition coils and spark plugs and still have the same issues like it describes Symptoms of Wear or Failure

**The engine may be hard to start or not start at all
**Engine may run roughly
**Lack of power on acceleration
**Check Engine Light illuminate and/or flash.

so what should i do to fix my audi??

Also it is a Manuel transmission and a S line. Car runs well otherwise and I'd like to keep it as long as possible but not if its a huge waste of money. Thanks
Less that 2 weeks after purchase, glove compartment door falls off ( it was glued on), key no longer worked on trunk , key or sensor ( I crawl in to open latch to open trunk) orange oil light came on, called used sales guys, they said it was OK added oil, OK for a while then RED Flashing Oil Light and Oil Pump Light Flashing. Pulled over, had towed...used care dealership changed pump. Oil light ( orange ) back on a few days later. They don't want to hear it... I have oil changed on time, try to figure out what's going on. Live in Florida...coolant level never changes stay same level but I swear after driving more than 50 miles over 60 mph hood feels way too hot and hear crackling noises.... Last month same thing but car feels different, rough, a little shakey.. it sounds oil light came on again. Again stopped, pulled over, had towed. Auto man charged me $500.00 said it seems fine, at first said he changed air filter and oil...did diagnostics, drove it, it's fine handed me a receipt not an itemized bill. Two days later orange oil light back on, followed by red beeping oil light and just for more fun since I brought it home from Repair Man's garage blowing billows of white smoke in the am when I start it or if sitting a long while. Went back to shop asked for itemized bill...changed story said no he didn't change air filter or oil...ran diagnostics very time consuming, wrote something under parts but can't read. So $500 later,$600 for the rent a car to get me back and forth to work while in shop...lights still coming on, billows of white smoke and engine still just doesn't sound right....but what do I know. White smoke cloud every morning....I bought this car in good faith the sellers so charming were being honest. Once of the lot all I was to them was just a nuisance. Repair Man probably thinks I'm rich because I drive an Audi albeit a bit older, where a white lab coat, look like a doctor but I'm a teacher for lab technicians , a teacher's salary,a single woman, a grandmother take care of my dad who is 92. ( Oh, Repair Man mentioned something about the reason car rental so high is because I rented a cute little Fiat. Wrong my car insurance didn't cover car insurance for the rental, my pay check did :-/ ) Tried trading car in at Car Max for something I can manage, still owe too much no deal. I don't drive far because the dashboard lights start twinkling....wanted to drive to Mid-West see my grandbabies but wouldn't dare. Last jaunt 600 miles to see son who was having surgery oil light comes on, sputtering loosing power on hills....What's wrong with this car and is there anyone honest out there who will charge me a reasonable for parts and labor , fix it or at least find out what is the problem!! I just paid $500 for zero...but worse $11,000.00 for a big headache in 2013. Any suggestions on what to do without throwing more money away...have a car I can drive more than 50 miles, faster then 50 miles without dashboard lighting up :-/ I can't even get rid of it STUCK!! Been thinking about one of those 60 cc scooters...grandma's scooter and leaving the headache in the driveway while I pay for it's uselessness!
My car used to change gear very quickly but i will like to know if a bad high pressure fuel pump can affect the transmission performance
Need brake pads replaced.
Acts like not getting fuel. checked fuel filter nothing wrong. what could be causing this? Thank you.
drove in rain, they worked fine but stopped in the up position when I shut them. How do I reset them?
then why does my car goes into safe mode
everytime i step on it it will go on safe mode. check engine light is on they told me i need to buy something that opens up the engine for more power. could that b da problem
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