2004 Audi A4 Quattro Questions

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Looking for opinions on which car is the better buy for daily commuting etc:work Thank you

I test drove both cars and was pleased with how both performed

buffalo.craigslist. org/cto/d/04-audi-a4-quattro/6568918097.html talked him down to 3200

offerup. co/WOpVUY8uMM for $3100
Only issue is the guy said it was an 06 and when I went to test drive it I get there and it’s an 04
The secondary valve ,the computer valve and the switch have been replaced.
Why does it still come on after driving it a few days?
Please help me to find the problem on this Audi A4 2004 don't started because have a circuits the front light started crazy in the pump gas don't have power the pump I check is working but in the sistem is not working, I check the fuse the relay but nothing ?
How much does it cost to reset the electronic panel and keys?
I'm having trouble locating the vehicle speed sensor on the 04 audi a4 automatic, help!
Wheels vibrate when driving at a high rate of speed. But the steering wheel doesn't vibrate.
I have a 2006 Audi A4 2.0 t and for some reason the turbo does not work. It also has a sudden lag while driving and does not go past 80 mph. Any ideas what's wrong with it?
far can I drive? n
I smell burning oil after driving my car. Smoke comes from under the hood. Standing in front of the motor, I can see smoke coming from behind the left side of the motor.
Driving the a4 audi while there is a leak from the driver side
My valve cover is wet/damp around the edge. But my head doesn't have any wet spots on it.
the car took a shotgun blast through the front of the car
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