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My coolant reservoir cracked open and sprayed coolant at some exposed wires that I believe lead to my camshaft. How do I replace these wires?
my car starts and runs but wont move only one axel moves when i put it in gear. it is a manual transmission
How to replace it
My car has the check engine light on and so I scanned the car and got back a p0118 error code. I noticed you guys have a page about it and that a misdiagnosis can be bad coolant. my car often starts cold rough and runs the fan when still cold but then it turns off and wont really turn on once the car is warm even if I turn it off and back on. the check engine light pretty much stays on all the time. my temp gauge sits in the middle like it should and doesn't waver. I was wondering if these symptoms are more likely the coolant or the sensor or if there is no way to tell. also there seems to be two different coolant temp sensors mentioned on the internet, one that costs $80 and is a total pain to replace or a $20 part that you can replace without any real tools. Is it worth changing the coolent myself before getting the more expensive part changed since they will have to swap coolant anyway?
Fault code P0420 is common in Audi's. And it refers to an inefficient catalytic converter. However, I have found that the fix for this fault code is seldom the catalyst itself but rather replacing the oxygen sensor.
I was hoping that someone could expand a bit on what they have read or seen in their experiences with Audi's? Thank you all and have a great day.
a mechanic said we could have problems with the transmission and the water pump it seems some of gears are not working correctly and advise us not to drive the car but when we pick up the car from him it seems ok so we are confused can you advise us what to do and if those are the problems how much could cost. thank you .Sonia
There is no power getting to the coils
Number 1 cylinder not getting any spark when car accelerates. It's a brand new coil that I bought from dealer. When idles, everything works fine. As soon as I start driving, there is misfiring on that # 1 cylinder again.
I'm saying it because I did the test on all the cylinders and only #1 misfire when I drive.
Cylinder #1 misfire when the car is on drive. It's not getting any spark even thought it's a brand new coil.
My blinkers are not working, when i turn them on, in my dash board they are blinking fast but outside there is no light, i've heard alot about changing the hazard lights switch but i don't know if that really is the problem, i want to see what it really is. Anyone have an idea?
Audi was driving fine when I put into reverse to park an it would only go back about 1 foot before it felt like something locked up. Put into 1st gear samething. I finally made it go forward to get it parked. Put into neutral and samething happen car will roll about a foot then feels like something locked up. Does this sound like transmission?
I would like to read other owners problems with there 2002 Audis, please........
The engine loses about 1/2 power for about 10 to 20 seconds then picks up again. This happens at irregular times, sometimes I can drive 100 to 150 klm before it happens sometimes 30 klm. I was told it was a faulty injector and had this replaced but I am still getting the problem.
Problem was detected during NYS inspection. Also, car was recently in for service.
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