2001 Audi A4 Quattro Questions

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No want to star
Its an automatic transmission.
Air pumps don't work, nothing. Front wheels rub ride real low and bounces.
anti freeze leaked on the driver side from under the dash board.
completely bent in the front control arms upper and lower probably screwed up the axle torque to the sway bar and links was going to buy a whole new kit for All 4 anyway and suspension seem to be acting up in the rear as well so just wanted to estimate and an idea as to what it would cost to replace if I purchased one of those all in kits off Amazon car is located in Bellevue WA seems to have some how lost reverse gear too.
It has a cracked coolant reservoir tank that I tried patching up my self with no success and can't find where it leaks coolant from
Car ran hot once and I had it towed to shop I was informed it was a coolant outlet flange busted. But they could not tell me if engine is blown until this piece is repaired 1st.
Turbo? How do I know.
and windows going up and down on its own
I was told that's what's wrong with my car, brand-new battery . I tried to start it this morning and absolutely nothing but all the lights were on the radio was on and everything was good but it wouldn't even click wouldn't even turn over
Automatic transmission will not go in reverse. 153356 miles all other gears work fine. Audi 2001 A4 Quatro. Readout on dash reports "OK" when activated.
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