2000 Audi A4 Quattro Questions

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My transmission in my 00 Audi A4 Quattro 1.8t recently went bad. I am just wondering when looking for a new transmission, does it need to be the same exact one? like does it need to have the same transmission code and same year? I really need help on this one.
I have a 2000 A4 that had an ATW 1.8T. It died so I had a 2001 AWM 1.8T put in with its accompanying automatic transmission. Ran well for a few weeks then completely quit. OBD says Engine speed sensor, random cylinder misfire.
Replaced the speed sensor with several other working sensors an d then a brand new one. Still no start, just sputters and floods. Gets gas. Compression is perfect.
Wont start
I looked in the trunk and found info on car with a 4 digit number what do the codes usually start with because I don't want to get locked out
When I rev the motor with the clutch released, the speedo display increases.
I jacked the car up to free both front wheels and with the engine off and the car in gear, I can turn the wheels easily
Wining noise when I turn the heat on car not getting hot enough Luke warm heat every time in the morning start up
I just bought this audi and the battery light flickers on the dash and the air bag light is on it drives fine and I noticed the oil gauge on the dash doesn't move much
My ac wouldn't work at first at all then we got it to cut on none of the bottom as will work it won't cut off an all it blows out is hot air!
I think this is the second radio manual didn't work
the first thing to go with my left low beam the HID I replaced it but it will does not work now the driving lights on the right side of the car won't come on I change the bulbs my turn signals work but the driving light itself will not come on either in the front or in the back
Car has 86,000 miles, unsure if tranny has ever been flushed or filled. Planning to flush, but had to order drain/fill plug tools from the outside world (Hawaii headaches).Periodically won't go into gear when in reverse, just revs, usually on cold starts in the morning. Recently gear selection box on the LCD started flashing when I put it in drive after it didn't want to engage in R. I noticed this at highway speed and put it into neutral, then back to drive. It wouldn't engage until I pulled over, put in park, then back to drive. Check engine light illuminated today. Question - Might dirty/low CVT tranny fluid cause this light to come on, or is it only associated with engine problems?
The side mirrors on my side mirrors on the doors will darken.
I also want to know how to replace it?
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