1999 Audi A4 Quattro Questions

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Just trying to figure out if thier is a different name for this cuz I can't find the part anywhere if u look in the manual it's a small hose he said it was number 10.
Where is the fuel vent cillonid located. Or the cold start sensor.. My Audi is fluding when warm
car starts and idles but when it hits 1400 rpm up to 2000 rpm it idles rough, anything above 2000 rpm runs fine
quatro A4 1999 2.8 L 100,000 miles only
I have had this car since Nov 6, 2016. Mileage at that time was 96,000. Current mileage is 100,250.
I know its under the car but I have failed to locate yet. thanks for any info you can provide.
how can I tell if the car computer is working or has burn out, car starts but idle goes up and down,and car wont go more then 20 mile per hr
I was just wanting to know what parts will & will not work on my car.
my code reader says "circuit no activity selected (bank 1, sensor 1) Can u explain please
I can't figure out the size of my front brakes an rotors.. Any help??
Replaced transmission and neutral safety switch
Replaced neutral safety switch, but does not register on the dash any gears. I put in neutral again and starts
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