1997 Audi A4 Quattro Questions

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There is oil in the water reservoir. There is no water on the dipstick. Is the cause with the head or head gasket or something else? The car runs well and smooth. The car has not been driven for well over a year. I don't notice any smoke coming from the exhaust.
Car got hit on driver rear side. Now it displays a "in 2" on odometer and oil lights blinking too. Car also starts but does not go anywhere.
When I add oil every couple days the oil does not burn. I dont have any oil leaks from under the car but have residue on the top of the engine by the oil cap but still have to add oil every couple days
it was in limp mode, only shifted manually then one day wont go into any gear. have 2 codes p0717 and po 722. speed sensor and transmission sensor. could it just be one of these sensors? I was told tcm is bad if it wont shift. I cant even figure out how to check the fluid. any ideas?
But when in drive it will run at one and a half rpm's when not even pushing on the gas pedal
The OBD says TPS problem. Does the throttle body need to be cleaned or TPS replaced?
my 97 audi a4 quattro does not accelerate with the gas pedal floor or half way .You floor it and wait for the car to gain speed trouble code p1136,p1476 band p0441 with 242652 miles it burn oil
I'd like to avoid going to a Dealership, for an over-priced scan + towing fee. According to Dealership I need their scan tool, said it'll take about a hour.
Since battery replacement Car cranks, but hasn't started. Fuses are good, all wires connected..has almost quarter tank of gas, so I don't know what the issue is.
Everything electrical works, plenty power, but no start..?
Today I was driving and my coolant temp started over heating. I immediately drove home. I discovered a tear in a radiator hose. I replaced the hose and flushed the coolant.

Once I started driving again after 5 min the engine coolant gauge starts going towards hot again and smoke is coming out of my tail pipe. Also the right side valve cover gasket was already minorly leaking and now it seems to smoking more.

I dont know if its the water pump possibly? Or a coolant issue. Or the valve cover gasket. But I know it was running fine even with the minor valve cover gasket leak up until today when the hose tore.
when vehicle has beeen at rest for more than three hours
Had this same problem last year. I replaced the switch with audi parts. Recently I have the same problem. High beams work, turn signals work, everything works except the head lights. Checked fuses and everything look good. What could it be please help. Thanks
i just had the rack and pinon in a 97 audi a4 quattro replaced. exactly a week later, after working absolutely fine, at the time of parking i had trouble turning the steering wheel. next morning, it was almost imposible to turn the steering wheel. no fluid on the ground, no weird noises. the fluid in the resorvoir does not seem to be moving. would it be the power steering pump?
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