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I have a 2015 Audi A4. I've noticed recently (over the last 3 weeks) that when I start my car (push start) that the battery seems sluggish at first, and then starts. The car runs great. I took the battery to get it tested and it tested good, however the person said that something in the car is draining the battery. There is nothing turned on to include the radio or air conducting so I don't know what it could be. Do you have any ideas? Note: Tiday I was driving listening to the radio and the display turned itself off along with the radio. I could not prompt it to pop back up by pushing any of the toggle buttons. Ten minutes later, it pops up on its own, music comes on, phone reconnects and we're back in business! I just don't know!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No
How long have you had this problem? 3 weeks
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