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The EPA has changes to the clean air act. I will paste them here. Does this mean I can't use an older engine or that I would just have to install equipment to make it meet the '09 standards?

For light-duty vehicles, installation of a light-duty eng~ne into a different light-duty vehicle by any
person would be considered tampering unless the resulting vehicle is identical (with regard to all
emission related parts, engine design parameters, and engine calibrations) to a certified configuration of
the same or newer model year as the vehicle chassis, or if there is a reasonable basis for knowing that
emissions are not adversely affected as described in Memo 1A. The appropriate source for technical
information regarding the certified configuration of a vehicle of a particular model year is the vehicle

Can’t close convertible top and dealer says it’s the motor. Also they say that, if that’s not the problem, and it’s the hydraulics, that I would have to pay for that too. Shouldn’t their diagnosis tell me that in the first place?
I now have 92000 miles
The car has just a bit over 100k miles on it, clean record and no accidents. This would be my first Audi to own if I were to buy it, so I don't have enough info about it. Any advise on buying this car, engine performance, reliability and maintenance. I was wondering what will I be looking forward to fixing in this car over the 100k such as time belts and others? What are the pros and cons on this car?
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