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I decided to change my timing belt. I was careful to make sure the timing marks on the cam and the crankshaft were aligned. However, when I took off the old belt the cam shaft moved and now it is not aligned.

Do I just put on the new timing belt and turn the crankshaft by hand to try and align it up?
Engine light wen on code says is the knock sensor
Hi i change the coils and sparkplugs on my audi and cilinder 4 said i have misfire and we reset the car for few days is fine and the check engine light turns on
Off and on for a few months now, the car starts sometimes (with or without),check engine light. Told possible bad computer. Is there any other way to diagnose and ball park costs? I've read about changing spark plugs and coil, with that work?
My alarm decides to go off unexpectedly, my door locks don't trigger a locking chime, the windows won't roll down, the dome light doesn't go on when I open the door, the trunk won't open (using fob, trunk latch or button on inside driver's side door) and my gas lid won't open. Ugh!
Just bought 2007 audi a4 cabrolet convertible and cluster panel display goes on and off and when on has lines through it. Does anyone else have this issue?
i had cylinder 3 coil go and i replaced, 2 days later i had cylinder 4 go and replaced it. Car is running okay but not 100% and I want to replace all for with OEM. What is the official PN for the replacement?
I just took it home from the auto body and repair. The next day when I drove it, upon acceleration from a stop light the engine light came on and was driving sluggish upon acceleration and the engine revs high, doesn't seem to be auto shifting correctly, also don't think the mph odometer is gauging correctly. I feel I should take it back and notify my insurance there is more damage to the engine then initially estimated that needs to be repaired, however, concerned they'll claim it's an unrelated issue.
it feels like almost skidding or transmission slippering.
A week ago my key simply kept turning in the ignition and was locked in place. I had the part ordered and have the trim and old part off. Also the steering is currently locked as well. I have the new part connected to the electrical and in the cylinder but there's no way to keep the part in place and the key has to wiggle to even allow the switch to fall all the way in place. It will allow me to push it in but the key wont turn and I can only get power, no engagement on turning the starter at all. Any advice or questions for more detail are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
P0366 was code
need to replace
how due you change the oil
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