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4x4 light stays on
I can purchase the hose for $30 but I would need a mechanic to change it for me. What is the average cost to have a mechanic change the coolant flange in my audi a4 2006
The oil pressure symbol came on
I checked the oil and it was alright
The engine didn't' sound any different
I have had over $300 in repairs in the lst 2 years on my Audi 1.8 liter convertible. Now the transmission shakes and the engine light comes on 24/7 I have 130,000 on the car but it is in mint condition sans the engine.
Doesn't matter how little I put it still stalls
started happening in the morning. now i cant go 10 miles without overheating and needing coolant
I had #1 and #3 ignition coils changed 3 months ago and I noticed the same misfire symptom today when accelerating. I also noticed a minor shake when driving, but nothing like 3 months ago when the first 2 went out. The engine light didn't come on nor did the car start shaking violently like last time.

I have a friend who can take a look and change the coils for me in a few it too risky to wait that long? I commute 50 miles daily in Chicago traffic. It's all highway, but a lot of stop and go.
Check water light came on. I checked water reservoir and it appears to have plenty. I know nothing about cars. I bought the car used so I don't have a manual or anything on the car to reference. Help!!!!! Its a 2006 A4 Audi Cabriolet Convertible. Thanks soooooooo much!
My gears won't go into reverse or anything else it turns on and I can't seem to find the issue.

Auto air conditioning has been running very well, cooling is also very good. Is to open the way, suddenly gone, the fan is gone, what amazing?
I tried the same thing of switching the heater on in the afternoon and nothing happened. I don't know if it was just a coincidence.
also when I go into 5th and 6th gear to accelerate more there is no power and car shudders
My seat belt alarm comes on when driving, if I hold it in a certain position it stops, please advise.
My Audio rear parking lights (only the rear) come on in the middle of the night. The first time I had to replace the battery, no big deal it was starting to fade. The second time the new battery held up and I was able to start the car no problem. The light switch was in the auto position for both of these times. What causing this? Does it have anything to do with the very cold temperatures at the time (20 F)?
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