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On my 2005 audi a4 1.8 turbo
There"s air bubbles in cooling system coming out of the coolqnt reservoir, the car starts fine and it runs fine, no overheating, i ran a compression test and the compression is ok, theres is no signs of cooolant in the cylinders or on the spark plugs, computer doesnt register any fault codes, if the sits there for a couple of days it has a hard time starting but runs fine after it starts, theres no white smoke coming out of tail pipe. I checked all the basics as far diagnosing a bad head gasket is there anything else that can cause the air on the coooling system,
I have a 2001 A6 2.7T Tip Quattro. In the morning or anytime after the car has been sitting off for over an hour it wont start on the first try. It cranks and cranks but wont start, sometimes it kinda will, it will be at an extremely low rpm and seem to die off unless I give it gas, but it seems bad so I just crank first for 2 seconds then turn it off, then it will start right up on the second try like normal
Squee sound
I would like to purchase this Audi A4 V6 2005 with 43.000 miles what could I expect the vehicle cost on an yearly basis if I'm gently driving 12k a year kept under a carport. Seems these are high maintenance cars and the costly repairs I want to bring it in to have it inspected for a purchase. I do have the maintenance records on hand will bring them in with me for pre purchase inspection. The car looks nice however the car shakes intermittent what may be the cost if the problem is alignment with cadalidic converter issues ?
No check engine light but I know how it can be turned off and then it reappears a few days later so if I bring it in for the prob
Diagnosis cost ? Then the repair cost any assistance would be helpful th

Code reads misfire cylinder 2& 3 . Before rebuild was reading ignition coil problem
it just started
Problem continues.

Intermittent. Always overnight.
tried the pull cord in the truck access and it moves a little but not enough to free it to open

Got AUDI A3 S, 2005, Bensin, Manaual. Noticed when car parked/driving on uphill, left rear wheel make a wired noise (like letal noise), seems when the springs are compressed all to the end, then a little movement on the back cause metal to metal noise from rear wheel!? What is it ? or what could it be?

2005 audi a4 ac evaporator is cold but blows hot air could that be the heater control valve
stays on steady at high RPM. Recently had head gasket,coils, timing chain, and PVC replaced.Brought car home from shop twice and problem persists. Mechanic is stumped. No leaks or such detected in new head also! Great car, but is really starting to cost more than its worth. At point of no return, can you help?
diagnostic code is P0722. Comes on and goes off periodically. How much does it cost to fix?
I've got a Audi A4 1.8 T s-line petrol 2005 . my two tires on the back , they are wear inside . my garage told me , I need to change the upper suspension arms . but could you explain me what is the cause of that problem with the upper ? thank you
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