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I used Audi A4 2002 2.0. I recently walked in to a workshop where I complain about my speedometer not working and they traced it down to a faulty tone ring that is slack on the flywheel.....(I am not too good on this names). The tone ring was removed and I drove down to another place without the tone ring for like an hour just to check someone. After few hours, I drove out and the problem started..... i just observed that the car was not moving, i shifted to gear to manual mode and saw that the gear has been on gear 1 not able to move to other gear. I packed try other position like reverse and N position, they all work. I called my mechanic who checked the gear oil and confirmed it was okay. Now, some said my gear is faulty that I need to change it some said it is electrical problem. Can the tone ring absence cause the gear to be stick to gear 1. please i need experience advice before they spoil this car for me.... Thanks
My 2002 Audi A4 "PRNDS" started flashing and remained in a stop whenever i come to a complete stop after travelling for a little miles and i got to know that the problem is with the TCM.
it has a new battery and will start if I use jump leads
Stays on constantly...
no power to brakes on a few occasions brake pedal goes hard while trying to brake
It Is 2.0L SLine
the fan is not working so i have no air..
My washer-squirter doesn't work. Fluid is full. Checked fuse-it's OK. Happened suddenly. Can't get fluid through. What can I do to fre it up?
All flaps and vents cycle normally. When set on low the fan kicks up to high speed but still blows hot. The clutch on the compresser engages and the pressure is in normal range.
when i took my 2002 audi a4 in to have a hose replaced my remote no longer worked to unlock the doors and the truck remote didn't work either and my window switches don't work. the dealership states that they didn't do it. is there something that they could have done to tear these things up?
The radiator fan goes on after the car has been shut off and engine cooled.
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