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I have a 2001 1.8 Audi A4. Recently my brake light started flashing and I thought it's not serious and I'd just buy more brake fluid because the reservoir was low. Yesterday I noticed mid-drive that the brake pedal sinks to the floor and significant braking power was lost.

I went and filled the brake fluid reservoir and realized that something leaked from under the car. I don't know if this is brake fluid because the fluid in the reservoir was not lost. The leaking stopped in a few hours.

The pedal still sinks, though it does brake somewhat when it is fully depressed to the floor. The fluid reservoir is still full from my refill; it has not leaked out. I have no idea what this problem might be...
I took my car to the repair shop to find out why my car was leaking so much oil. The repair shop informed it could possibly be oil cooler went out due to the oil was circulating into the reservoir coolant tank. Where the coolant goes there was a oil mixture .Then it could also be a blown gasket. I just need a second opinion on this please.
Without the air sensor the car works perfectly fine although a lot more air is heard from the engine, however when I plug it back in the car suddenly drops in rpm until it finally turns off.
He checked level and it was low so he added oil but the light won't stop flashing and there is a chattering sound at low rpm's. Any ideas? FYI, he just replaced the coil and alternator.
My AUDI A4 2001, got water in the brake booster and started to freeze the brakes and recently the brake is holding the wheels and rims and get hot and crashes itself once in a while in progress and ABS and ESP lights on panel
I took water outo f the brake booster but problems remain. what do I do? what is the problem? I ask for help ...
Could my oil pick up screen be plugged .
the car has been through 2 motors so i would like to get a new motor and have a certified mechanic install it
My car was running perfectly yesterday and this morning when i turned it on it started fine, it was running fine but when i tried to take off it died. Every time it will start perfectly but if i even rev the car it will die after, i am wondering if anyone knows whats wrong?? thanks
My oil light comes on and beeps 3 times and continues to do this all the time. I just had it serviced and had the censor replaced and there is oil pressure.
Cant find the transmission oil dipstick to check the oil, why would it be so hard to find? where is it? and how do I add tranny oil?
load rattling noise when engine starts
rattling noise in front part of engine compartment when car is started
Motor mount
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