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It seems likely to be sensor or electronical problem
my car only runs in reverse why would that be
Very hard when turning the stering wheel but there is ATF what can be the problem
just didn't want to take anything off that we didn't have too
what could cause this because I service it on time
The panel has been torn off is there a way to manually override it and move the seat if not how much does it cost to get a new panel and rewire it.
It's an A4 2.8 L. Thanks!
how do i reactivate my car key
My 1996 Audi A4 1.8 always starts when cold, without pressing the gas pedal. But when the engine has been run the engine turns over but it then struggles to fire up.
Once the engine is running the idle speed is uneven and there is hesitation when first accellerating in 1st gear.
There is also a mysterious high pitched chirping sound from the engine whilst at idle speed and the exhaust tail pipe sprays out water, even after driving on a long trip.
"Please Help"
i need to replace the switch for my back headlights on my audi 4 year 1996 but do not know where it is located to replace it can someone help me locate it
where is it located in the vehicle
power locks not working. check fuse,switch they are good. somebody told me to check selenoid but i dont know were they are to check them.
From standstill when I floor the gas pedal the engine pauses, with an almost complete lack of power, which results in the car hardly moving. I need to raise the engine speed by pressing the clutch back in again or nothing happens. If I drive away from rest slowly however, there doesn't seem to be a problem. If however I'm driving along in 4th gear at say 30mph and accelerate, there is little response and I need to drop into 3rd. I also need 3rd to climb even the mildest slope of a hill. The engine idles erratically and seems very noisy at idle - sounds like its a diesel when it's a 1.8 20v petrol.
Driving at 70mph in 5th, no problems.
Please help!
My Audi A4 is extremely difficult to get into any gear. When I do get it into gear the car drives well and changes gear smoothly and as normal although occassionaly at low revs wants to keep changing gear.
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