1993 Audi 90 Quattro Questions

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One day while driving the car my climate control display was dimming out and finally went blank. It now has no function and the only way to get anything to work is if I unplug the far left plug from the back of the unit. This will kick the blower fan on, but nothing else. I've checked all fuses and they're fine. Wondering if you guys can help before I take it to a shop. Thanks
Car runs. Parking and brake lights OK. Radio plays.
All else electrically dead...headlights, turn signals, horn, window controls...
My car has no electrical functions that work drove car yesterday than last nite went to go and nothing is working with or without key on
Just happened last nite I had drove car 8 hrs prior no problem now nothing at all
hi.. i have a 1993 audi 90s quattro i was changing the thermostat and i had to take off the timing belt so now i need to know how to put the belt back on it be nice if i can get help..
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