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Hearing a clicking sound coming from underneath the dash. Doesn't do it all the time, but thinking it started back clicking during the night, because battery was dead the next morning, so it must be pulling the battery down. Connected charger to battery and clicking sound got louder for about 5 minutes, then stopped and the battery charged it up. Every time I've carried it to to be repaired, it will not do the clicking sound. Wife drove the car for 3 days, car was fine. The fourth day got into the car and the battery was dead again. Hope you can help.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It doesn't make any difference when
How long have you had this problem? About 3 weeks
slips out of gear then when you turn the car on and off a couple times it'll go into gear but when it hits hits second gear but mostly third it slips out of gear and won't engage again also engine is making squealing noise reverse works fine but shifts hard in reverse and 1st
the cat do not want to start and if it start the engin turns anticlockwise please help
this car do not want to start at all please help
possibly from exhaust system
after accident has no fire injector pulse
looks like just need need water pump on the audi
pulley stripped of water pump off engine, what was the cause and are the enigmas easy to find at junk yards
My 92' Audi 100s is stuck in park. It wouldn't start at first but we bypassed that problem. Can someone please help me out.
were is it located
car died on me couple of weeks ago, before hand, i had the feul distributor replaced, and was going ok, only sometime when ive been driving it, i go to start it up again it takes two trys for it to start, ive put in another distributor hoping that it will work, when i go to start it, it trys to start, but wouldnt hold a start, ive taken off one of the leads to see if the feul is going through the distributor but there is only feul going through one lead that connects to the feul injector, at the same time its draining out my battery, when i try to turn the car on, i can hear a rumbling noise from the rear, as if there is a radio antaner on the rear trying to deploy, but sounds very sick, as if its struggling to deploy, the car trys to start but every time i try to turn it on it dosnt hold a start, when i drove it on the day that it died on me, the car suddenly lost power and the car came to a stop. Went to start the car, the motor will turn but would not start. can anyone please help me with car problem or does anyone out there know what the problem is?
My power windows and sunroof quit working is it a relay or fuse if relay could someone tell me which one.
My 1992 Audi 100 has a rough idle,popping noise in the exhaust and is shifting rough
the brakes are going all the way to the floor!I replaced the master cyclinder still the same so i tried to bleed the brakes nothing what my p and how could i pin point the problem
Can the coil springs be put in upside down??
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