Q: At idle and acceleration, engine makes whining noise. on 2005 Honda Pilot

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Headlights and domelight "pulse" could it be alternator going bad? Any ideas appreciated regarding problem, cost to fix and difficulty of repair. Thanks
(2) Answers
May be 2 seperate issues. Honda uses what they call an ELD (Electronic Load Detector) inside the underhood fusebox. It measures current draw and the ECM/PCM uses that info to determine the output rate of the alternator. It is normal to notice some dimming or flickering on those. WHAT WOULD NOT BE the whining noise, have that cause confirmed , before putting parts on! They had plenty of issues with power steering pump noise , older ones mostly due to a restriction in suction side(such as debris in reservoir screen) or air entering system (commonly , o-ring on plastic inlet fitting on pump) If the alternator is actually faulty , expect to pay anywhere from $350.00-&650.00 , depending on quality of replacement part (of coarse, I recommend OEM) and labor rate in your area. BALLPARK EST for labor time 1&1/2-2Hrs. assuming nothing unusual in diagnostics or actual physical replacement(cross-threaded bolts , messed up wires etc.) HONDAs explanation of ELD is easily something the dealer can print out for you. Ask someone in service dept. to print you the first page of Dec. 2000 "Honda Service News".
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