Q: at first start up it will run ok for a bit then start to miss. on 1994 Ford Bronco

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if you try and drive it when you accelerate it with fall all over itself then take off. if just driving it miss out until it get warmed up it runs good. any ideas? changed ignition module.
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did one a while back, had a bad engine coolant temp sensor. showed -40, would run rich no power till warm.
Checked that it is reading right, also check air temp sensor reading the same as water temp.
IT HAS A MAP SENSOR AND WHEN IT STARTS TO STALL OUT IT SOUNDS LIKE IT IS LOSSING AIR. YOU CAN HEAR IT SUCKING REAL HARD THRU THE AIR CLEANER INTAKE. If I remove the vacuum line from the MAP sensor it runs better, have changed MAP sensor didn't help. the o2 sensor reads rich changed it no help still reads rich. have codes 113, 126, 173, 212, 543, 556, I am wondering if it not a PCM problem

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