Q: Are there more than one automatic transmission for a 2001 X5 3.0? on 2001 BMW X5

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I bought a reconditioned transmission using the VIN number. once the transmission bolts are tightened it seems like the torque converter is stuck or binding. The trans will not turn; not even from the fly wheel. need help with verifying proper trans and why it might be binding.
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Torque converter dropped out a little and is binding on pump/input splines , hope no permanent damage.
You are saying that when I assembled the trans the torque converter was not fully seated on the spline? Any tips? I pulled it apart and I couldnt see any damage.
you would not see any damage, when you put the torque convertor have to make sure it is seated all the way in...that is what ziptie is trying to tell you.
Your car (actually MOST 99.99% of vehicles out there) have ONLY ONE automatic transmission! There is a transfer case in a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle...but still ONLY ONE transmission!