Q: are there many different solenoids? on 2000 Buick Century

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ive had my car looked at by 3 mechanics and it still shifts all crazy. the first time i had solenoids changed and on my way to another state it starts doing it again so i call the mechanic that changed them and he told me well maybe its otherones so i spent $ 600 on something that didnt even help the problem.then i actually got my transmission replaced thinkin that would help also but no always seems to do it the most is when im either stopping and goong like at red lights or when im at a high speedfor a certain time and i have to slow down.
(3) Answers
Just a tip! Ask around and find yourself a good lndedpendent mechanic and stick with him. That mechanic will know more about your car than anyone else and can recommend another if he cant perform the repair needed! Now i understand sometimes you cant get your vehicle to your tech. but a phone call to him will pay off. You more than likely have a computer problem which a good tech. with a good scanner should find.
possible incorrect grade fluid. can effect over all function and performance as well as trip sensors. bad joo-joo! talk to a tranny specialist. more thorough testing, and better equipped for repairs(specialist).
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