Q: Are there any problems with an oil leak around the oil filter? on 2007 Pontiac G6

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I think i have a leak around the oil filter that is causing a burning oil smell on the exhaust. it drips down the exhaust and burns off. i didnt know if this was an easy fix and if it was a common problem. Thanks for any help.
(4) Answers
My 3.0L G6 GT has a leak from the oil filter mounting plate gasket. The gasket is between the engine (front, center, bottom) and the oil filter mount. The dealer sounded very familar with the problem and told me it will take about 2.5 hours of labor. Total cost about $250.
I have a 2007 G6. The gasket that the oil filter attaches to was worn out. At first it was small amounts of oil leaking to eventually puddles, The only way they could find the leak was to put dye in the oil then I drove it for awhile. THe black light was used and showed where the oil was leaking from. It would drip down on the exhaust. Now that the gasket is fixed no more oil leak or burned oil smell. The gasket itself is cheap but the labor is what cost you. If I remember right it was $200, which included a oil change.