Q: Are there any adjustments for low/reverse on this transmission:
Filter need rpl? on 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

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While backing up in reverse, there is noticable transmission slippage. Very noticeable when backing up a slight incline. Got 93K miles. Does it need filter and oil change? What is best oil to use and how do you drain torque converter? Are any adjustments to be made on any bands? Will a software update to the TCM take care of all adjustments?
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TEST IT THIS WAY :: While driving at no more than 20 mph, manually pull shifter into low or first gear. Does it slow down on it's own or freewheel?. If it will slow down on it's own, you might have a chance to save it, but if it just keeps on rolling with no change, transmission removal needed for repair! You will still have to take it to a trans. mechanic either way but you will know before hand what to expect.
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