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Q: Are the coil packs interchangeable on 2000 SLS? on 2000 Cadillac Seville SLS

I'm getting a code "P-0303 Misfire Detected in Cylinder 3" from the emissions tester, so won't pass as the Service Engine Soon light keeps blinking. Spark plug in Cyl 3 had some oil on it. I blew out the socket, changed the rubber tube and the plug but the error will not remain cleared--keeps coming back. I wanted to switch the coil packs around to see if the problem is with the rear coil pack or something else instead. I can't drive with no tags/registration, so before taking to a shop I want to be certain what the problem is. ThanX!
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Yes you can swap the coils to see if the problem follows a certain one!, very good test by the way! This may sound silly, but mark the #-3 coil with a piece of tape or the like before removing it, just in case! They all look alike after removal.
Just saying.
Thank you, but please understand that this SLS has only 2 coil BANKS/CASSETTES(front and rear), each cassette supplying 4 cylinders, so my intent is just to swap the front bank/cassette to the rear, and the rear to the front to see if the problem switches to cylinder 6. Is this still okay?
I know what you mean now! 4.6L No maybe not! I dont think it will hook up. I really do not know.
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