Q: Are aftermkt mass air flow sensors any good.Replaced 3 times in last year? on 1999 Pontiac Bonneville

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The 1st time I had a problem it got to where it wouldn't run ,replaced the mass airflow sensor with a rebuilt autozon sensor,it ran perfect for 6 months and it started doing it again,got another 1 and it lasted about a month and it started messing up,went and got another one but new ,ran perfect for 2 days and stalled one time.Does not die all the way just stalls for a split second and a low fuel warning bell dings 3 times and then it runs fine after that.Thanks for any help.
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No,Im not sure of the diagnosis.I just know that the 1'st one got so bad that the car would not run and when I replaced the mass air flow sensor it ran fine for a while.I am going to go ahead and replace the crankshaft position sensor and both oxygen sensors(for better gas mileage) and if that doesn't fix it I"ll get a factory mass air flow sensor.Thanks for your help.
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