Q: Are auto makers responsible for repais to airbag systems due to faulty parts? on 2007 Hyundai Sonata

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We have a problem with the airbag system in our Sonata other than the recall for the passenger side occupant detection system. Have taken the car back to the dealer and was charged $80.00 for them to connect into the system and look for fault codes. There was no charge for the "simple fix," but three months later, the airbag light is on again. I have seen many complaints about this safety issue on-line and don't want to have to pay $80.00 dollars to have this "checked and fixed," every 3 months. But, I think it should be a Federal mandate for the Hyundai to really fix the problem.
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Had similar issue with my 02 Sonata. Wierd that they charged U the $80; should still be under warranty. I took the car in for a bunch of stuff the 1st time and the Airbag light was off when I got my car charge (i think). It did come back on some time later, but just left it. Recently took it back to the dealer and it cost $222 to fix it. It was some airbag resistance issue. But your car should still be have the 5yr bumber-to-bumper warranty.
I think your car has the obd2 code problem, you can use a tool to read out and delete the code. then turn off the code.
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