Q: App sensor on 2007 Dodge Nitro R/T

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The red lightning boat came on about 4 weeks ago took it to the Dodge dealership they said that code P 2122 and p 2138 we're set they said the appt sensor voltage is out of range installed a new appt sensor and updated the PCM to the newest software 1 week later the lightning bolt came back on took it back to the Dodge dealership and they said that they're not for sure what happened so they were going to fix the problem they put a new sensor in there and now its been 2 weeks later and the lightning bolt is back on so I called the dealership today they said they are confused about what is happening can you please help me figure out what is wrong with my nitro it shows nothing else on the a computer test on the system check they said its just the appt sensor but we have put two brand new ones in it in the past 4 weeks
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there are 2 sensors that control throttle,one on gas pedal and one in throttle body,which did they replace
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