RepairPal and Bosch Bring You New Customers

Bosch has selected RepairPal as a Vendor Partner after an in-depth review of RepairPal's consumer site and AppointmentsPlus customer acquisition solution.


How It Works:

  • Your sponsored listing appears next to repair estimates and shop searches in your area

  • Customers call your shop directly to schedule an appointment

  • Callers need service, are educated about the repair, and have a reasonable expectation of the cost - no sticker shock!

"RepairPal brings informed customers to my shop. I got 3 in the first 10 days."

Terry Wynter, AAM, ASA Member, Fort Meyers, Fla.

We are pleased to recommend RepairPal to our members as the only service of its type that accurately addresses a wide range of repairs and geographies. This valuable alliance will provide members with the state-of-the-art service for cost-effectively acquiring desirable new customers. 
Michael Lippman, BCS Concept Manager

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AppointmentsPlus Features:

Top placement for sponsored listing



Largest sponsored listing includes 6 amenities, affiliations, & specialties. PLUS shop description in sponsored listing



Link directly to your website from details page



Sponsored listing included on iPhone



Phone call and impression reporting


Preferred placement for sponsored listing


Sponsored listing includes 4 amenities/affiliations/specialties


Basic sponsored listing includes shop name, address, phone #

Update shop information

Description of your shops benefits included on details page

Car brands included on details page

Amenities, specialties, & affiliations included on details page

Show store hours on details page

Cancel at any time

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