Q: anyway to test fuel pump driver module on '97 contintal,and or the ccrm? on 1997 Lincoln Continental

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no power to fuelpump.
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First check for tripped inertia switch and battery voltage at the inertia switch! If voltage is ok at this switch, forget about everything foward of that, cause it is ok. Problem must be from the inertia switch to the pump. If no voltage at the switch, check fuses and EFI relay.
all fuses checked 3x w/test light. inertia switch has power an in the down position,we even jumped it. fuelpump is what I thought,new one is in and here I am w/no power,the oil did run low changed oil switch an put oil in duh. changed ccrm w/one from junkyard an the two relays under it,the fuel pump relay, now i'm lost as what to look for?
Find the open circuit from inertia sw. to the fuel pump. Test for FUEL PUMP power and 'ground' at the pump connector! Make sure the connector pins are in their propper place (not pushed back) in the connector!! IF no problem found there, you need to check from the pump connector to the actual pump itself. Yep i know, pull it back out.
Good luck with it.
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Just to add a little information and agree with inertia; Looking at the 'MITCHELL' wiring diagram, Power starts at #7 fuse in under hood fuse box, feeding the PCM power relay, sending power to inertia switch in the left side of trunk. Then power is sent to the fuel pump module, in the right corner of trunk. The control module is controlled, or pump activation, is done by the PCM. According to your question, you might know the information at this point, and if you can diagnose circuits without causing more problems, the information is available to test the module. ( for instance. Don't test the PCM circuits if you aren't sure.
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