Q: Any one have any clue whats going on? on 2002 Kia Spectra

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I was going 45mph and came to a red light, I tried to stop but my brakes acted like they didnt want to work and my car started shaking and vibrating uncontrollably. I did get the car to stop with the peddle to the floor. Put it in park and the vibrating stopped. Went and got a complete tune up brake pads the works and it did it again. Except this time when I put it in park the engine shut off. I had to turn my caroff and restart it. The check engine light isnt on, and its not an everyday thing. It just randomly happens.
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Bring it to a shop , demonstrate (by test driving WITH a tech) the symptom , sounds like the other stuff was impulsive waste of money. From what you describe , the only way to diagnose it will be when it is actually acting up.
It rarely does it. It hasnt happened in a few days. The other stuff needed to be done any how so it wasnt really a waste. I had a suggestion from a mechanic saying to him it sounds like my transmission mount is either bad, lose, or going bad. He said it will cause the car to vibrate when my rpms are trying to drop when braking. My transmission is fine though.