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Q: Any ideas with this engine noise? on 2007 Toyota Camry

I just bought it pre-owned from a dealer and sold as is. 90k miles on it. run smoothly.
Sometimes it's gone (maybe after a long drive), but reoccurs then.
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Maybe have it diagnosed properly.....then do the repair work yourself and save that money. Odds are if the dealer sold it as-is they knew what was wrong - that's why they sold an '07 Camry AS-IS.
most pre-owned cars sold at dealers are sold as is. It is qualified for a warranty but you have to buy it. For this car, they offered $1,800 for 1 year warranty.
I'm sorry , I should have explained my response better. I work at a dealership. We get three types of trade-ins , the ones we check out and are really good get 'certified'. The ones with known problems , but pass both emissions and safety inspection are sold 'as-is'. The ones that are absolute trash get 'wholesaled'. What the salesmen tell you and what the tech knows are two completely different things. Good luck.
Ok, sorry for that ^^ Appreciate for your help. Btw, should I take it to a Toyota dealer to do a diagnosis or a mechanic shop can handle this? Dealer service always takes time and $$.
If you have a local independant that you trust , or that you've gotten good references to , I would take it there first. And I just realized that you had a video posted on you tube (yeah - and I don't do facebook either). To rule out the belt , spray some brake-clean on it briefly, if the noise changes then , yes I'd go with the belt and maybe tensioner. If there is no change , then I'd suspect a bad bearing in an idler pulley or the tensioner pulley. MY APOLOGIES TO holston2008 , I was in a bad mood cause the wife and kid were heading to Outback steakhouse while I was on my way home from work. OR I could just be an a-----e. Anyhow hope you get your Camry straightened out and enjoy it for another 200K!
If they suggest to replace the water pump or chain or pulley? (One of them to save money). Should I tell them to replace all three of them cuz as I read from a thread that three of them should be replaced together to save labor cost.
Yes , at 90K it would be a good preventive measure. The one place I checked on-line didn't list either a timing chain or a timing belt. The last camry V-6 I worked on was a belt. If it is in fact a chain, then just find out (maybe from the toyota parts dept.)about there history of any issues with chain guides/tensioner(s).From what I can tell the water pump is driven externally. Later today @ work (yeah 2 techs on a Sunday- boring), I'll do my best to remember to check & see what else I can find out & post.--------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\---------SUN. 10/14-----Checked on ALLDATA , it is a chain set-up don't mess with it unless problems are found. water pump can be done without digging in any further. Also it had a 'limited service campaign' on there about an oil hose for the variable valve timing(VVT-i)-check with dealer , it was a limited VIN range and if it did apply on your car , it may have already been done.Good luck , hope I've been a little help.
This website helps me out. Serpentine belt is the problem found. $45 for the belt at dealer store and $30 labor cost at a auto care. Problem is fixed.
If you have the same noise like this, it maybe:
1. Worn out serpentine belt. Check this first if your car has high mileage
2. Pulley misalignment. Check this if you just had someone touched on it like changing the pulley or water pump etc..
3. Bad pulley.
4. Chemical on it.
Glad to hear you got it! I won't trust sounds thru you-tube on my computer anymore! I swear it sounded more like a bearing than a belt! ......... I did mention on my second reply on the 13th , to try spraying some brake-clean on the belt to see if it changed , had you done that? Just curious? Anyhow again, glad it's fixed and it didn't empty your wallet!
it sounds like you have a bad belt or a bad belt tensinor, replace the belt and see what happens.
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