Q: Any cure on 1996 Lincoln Town Car

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Intermittent stuttering/stalling when accelerate, with minor engine vibration.
Started at 100K miles. Total mileage now at 140K.
Spark plug and wires, fuel filter, PCV valve, auto transmission filter and oil, are about 40K old.
Engine is OK except recently need twice cranking to start.
Went to dealer at 110K to check for cure, but dealer can not find anything defective.
Any suggestions.
(1) Answer
40,000 on your plugs are they iridium if not probably could use a new set of autolite iridium XP plugs $14 each, because the gap recommended is .054 even on resistor plugs for your vehicle if you have resistor plugs the gap now (40,000) later is probably about .070 now