Q: ants infestation on 2006 Acura TL

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ants all over the car, Have cleaned inside, outside, detail, wash, spray, bait, all seem to be temp. solution. car has leather and not sure if bombing the car would ruin the leather. they seem to crawl from either under the rear seat or where dashboard and front windshield meet. more on the driver side, no food, no drink, no spil, changed parking space, no go.
(1) Answer
Ant are generally looking for not only food but water. Double check to make sure the inside of your, including the trunk is clean and dry. If the A/C drain is plugged there could be water accumulating in the heater box. You can check the A/C drain by running the A/C for a while and look for clear water draining near the firewall on the passenger side. Just to be sure the heater box is dry run the heater with the A/C off for a while to dry things out. It looks as though the ants my be nesting somewhere in your car because parking in a different location did not help. The "bomb" might not be a bad idea. I cannot not say for sure the bomb will not affect the leather interior of your TL but people do not normally move their furniture out if they bomb their house. I hope this helps.