Q: anti-theft on 1999 Mazda B3000

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What can I do if my trucks anti theft system quits reading my key. I can't afford to have another key cut and programmed or even have my present key reprogrammed. I've exhausted all other possibilities it seems, but truck still won't crank unless I cross the solenoid. Then it will crank, but still won't start. Has to be the anti-theft?! Have replaced starter and solenoid, ignition switch, clutch sensor, cables, relay!!! Don't believe or know of anything else it could be! PLEASE HELP!!!
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Is the "theft" light flashing when you turn the key? If it is flashing, you have an anti-theft issue. If it proves out (comes on, then goes off), it is another issue.
Definitely flashing. Any known cheap fixes that may get me through just a couple more pay checks? Don't and never have cared for (excuse my expression) "half-assing" anything, but unfortunately I have a couple of teenagers I'm raising and they get expensive! Sometimes you just got to do what you got to do! Lucky for me I bought a good Chevrolet, but my other half was thinking Mazda. Go figure.
I hate to say it, but there is no real "cheap" fix that can solve your issues without digging in and fixing the problem. Let's see if we can simplify it some:

Your Passive Anti Theft System is working properly, as even if you get the vehicle to crank by crossing the solenoid, the engine's processor will not allow the engine to get spark or fuel, as it's detecting a theft.

Do you have more than one key? Do all the keys demonstrate the problem? If so, you can likely rule out the keys themselves as causes of failure.

Was there any "event" that occured prior to your problems beginning?

Do you have or have you ever had a remote start system installed? This can complicate matters as well.

Beyond those things, your concern lies either with the overall programming of the keys (not likely to "lose" programming, so not likely to be the problem), a defective transceiver (a small device located behind the steering column shroud around the key cylinder area that communicates with the key and sends the information to the anti-theft module), or a defective anti-theft module (located behind the passenger side air bag area). Naturally you could have a wiring issue as well.

If there are no "events" that occured, then I lean towards a transceiver, if I had to guess. Replacing it is not terribly easy, but is possible outside of a repair shop. You have to remove the ignition cylinder, the lower dash cover, the steering column shrouds and then remove the transceiver. The good news is that NO programming is necessary to the keys, as the transceiver only acts as a communicating device with the module, which actually has the programming in it that corresponds with the keys.

Naturally diagnostic testing would fairly simply reveal the true fault, but I know you are trying to be economical. Still, there is no way to get your vehicle to start without performing a proper repair. Good luck.
car wont start due to anti theft system cant afford another key or have it reprogrammed replaced starter and solenoid,ignition switch cables,relay what else can i do
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