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Q: Anti-skid service warning light on 2004 Volvo XC90

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I've got an '04 Volvo XC90 with 88k miles on it. The warning light for "anti-skid service required" went on recently. My local mechanic did some diagnostic testing, and said that the repair would cost about $2,000. He said some customers choose to do this, and others skip it. I'm not sure what to do - and am looking for advice. What do y'all think?
I had the same problem and the mechanic found that the connector to the module was corroded due to moisture. Cleaned the connection and was good to go. Warranty did not cover it however even though I questioned the effectiveness of the connector which was supposed to keep out water.
Providing the diagnostic trouble codes would be helpful, but with the info you've provided I'm assuming it needs a new ABS Control Module. These fail fairly regularly so it's not a surprise. On some Volvo's the module can be repaired, however I'm not sure about this one. I suggest contacting this company if you're interested in this route:
As for the safety of driving with this issue you'll have complete usage of the regular hydraulic braking system, you will however not have the anti-skid functionality and anti-rollover features that the ABS system provides. In normal driving you'll be fine, but during a panic stop or maneuver, you'll be in danger of losing control of your vehicle.
I don't think skipping this is a good idea, however there are options. Look for a company that will rebuild the module and guarantee their work.
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