Q: anti lock - service engine - low trac on 2001 Buick Century

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these lights keep comming on what do they mean i just put 500.00 into some left wheel bearing then they came on again and i took it back again they said they put another one in but these freggin lights are on again does any one know what they mean i am tired of spending money i dont have
(2) Answers
These lights will appear when the abs control module registers a fault in the system, and there are many different faults that can make the light come on.
If the shop replaced a wheel bearing for this problem then you may be getting a wheel speed sensor fault. However, if they said this would fix the problem, and it didn't, then they may not be properly diagnosing the problem.
ABS Control Modules are problematic an many vehicles, and you have an issue with it, but a proper diagnosis should reveal this. I would say you should take it to another shop, and try to get a refund from the shop that took your money and didn't fix the problem.
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