Q: Anti-Lock Brakes - Mystery!!!!! on 2000 Buick Century

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I had my car in the shop about 7 weeks ago because my car, upon driving after braking, would make a high screeching sound and be hard to steer forward. No matter where I was, the only way to move forward was to turn off the motor and turn it back on. The diagnostics showed nothing and the AntiLock light and Service Engine Soon light would come on. They thought it was a sensor and reset whatever so the lights would go off. Alas, they found nothing wrong.

The problem is recurring with the Anti Lock and the Service Engine Soon light coming on. I had it "to" the shop and I was told if it was the brakes that they had to hear or have it act up within their presence as it would be mechanical. I have had mechanics in the car, 3-4 times now, and driven a short while but nothing happens.

This past Saturday and Sunday, the car brakes seemed to lock and made a screeching noise twice. Twice I had a line of cars behind me in a traffice lane and one of those times, I had a big line behind me when I locked up trying to enter a divided highway at night. One of the times I was in a parking lot and a man walking down the asphalt told me it sounded like it was my brakes. He said it was so loud it startled him.

I never know when this will happen, but I'm terribly afraid this is going to cause a bad accident and people are going to be seriously injured or killed. This is happening 3-4 times a week now and I'm not even driving a lot.

The car repair shop (I was there twice last week) is a reputable chain shop, but I am getting nowhere and it seems I am not being taken seriously about the problem. I'm at my wits end. Any thoughts, on this issue, before someone gets seriously hurt, maimed, or killed?

Thank you,
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the check engine light and abs are 2 separte systems. you need to have someone examine the car for codes and freeze frame data that will give them readings at the time of the failure. re setting the lights does nothing. the problem is still there unitl the issue is resolved.
the squeeling concers me. it sounds like a caliper or brake gose may be keeping the brakes applied causing overheating of the rotors or drums and giving you your problems.

i think you need another shop that will give your car a through examination and road test to see the proble. you may have to leave the car with them for a day or 2 to get the problem to happen.

It actually freezes up and if I move forward, that is when that screeching noise happens and I'm afraid, on top of everything else, that I'll damage my car. I'm going to make a list and call some male friends to see who they might recommend as reliable. Thank you, Roy, for another possibility.
Get the car towed to a GM specialist. I don't know which 'chain' repair shop looked at your car, my preferences are independent specialists, generally. I don't recommend any 'chain' stores for repair, I think the best technicians are at dealers and independent specialists. This is my opinion based on my experience. I would not myself go to a 'brake' or 'muffler' or dept store shop for serious work.
The first thing I think of is water in the brake fluid getting hot, boiling and causing the brakes to lock up. I've seen it happen myself. I think your problem will be easy to solve once you get to a good shop.
Here's a directory link for you:
It was nice of you to send me the link. My chain store is on the link as well as another big-name shop that I had a very bad experience with.

I've never heard of what you are referring to, however, I'll put it on a list of possiblities. I've got to get something done soon. Thank you for your input.