Q: Anti Brake Warning Light stays on! on 1992 Buick Regal

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What do you think is the problem with the anti-brakes system when the warning light stays on? What should I have mechanic look at or what do I ask for when going to a mechanic?
I also see a leak; I am not sure from where the leak is comming! It is a semi-black circle around the size of a quarter. I have had to add brake fluid and power steering fluid! The car has 78,000 miles and has been well maintained by one previous owner. I have had for approximately 1 and 1/2 years. Engine runs well and starts up right away!
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Thanks for your response...... Do you think it is worth fixing the bake sensors for a car this age? How much do you estimate it will cost to repair? When I bought the car; I purchased it with the intent that it would serve the purpose of a commuter vehicle for work; travel around the city and night classes. Again, I must say that it runs well for an older vehicle but I do not want to spend money to repair it if it is too much to spend on a 1992 vehicle [Buick Regal]! Should I purchase somehing else instead of spending the money?
Do you have a recommendation of a mechanic in the Trenton, New Jersey that has a stellar reputation and fair pricing and is honest? How do you determine who you recommend?
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First thing to check is the brake fluid, but I suppose the most frequently damaged part of any ABS system is the wheel speed sensor, it is generally exposed under the car (usually a speed sensor at each wheel), being exposed it can be damaged by road debris or just water and dirt.
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