Q: ant-lock light stays on on 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

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I have no break lights except for the one in the window that works. I have replaced the bulbs and still do not work. I am worried that i will get pulled over for not havving break light on the rear except for the one in the back window that does work. Can anyone help me with my problem? All fuses were checked and are good.
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Check the bulbs if you haven't. I've seen both brake light bulbs blow at the same time due to bad battery terminal connections. Check that the battery connections are bright and tight. I don't know what to think abut the anti-lock light, but it's trying to tell you that something is faulty in the anti-lock system. Get it checked out. May or may not be related to the brake lights. Find a GM specialist.
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everyone is saying that it might be a bad ground It started right after i washed the car that mourning changed the bulbs and still nothing parking lght work on the out of both sides but the break light in between on the back of the hood do not except for the window breaklight