Annoying vibration while stopped and in Drive. on Toyota Camry

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1991 Toyota Camry 128,000 mi,
Vibrates while stopped in drive

2007 Toyota Camry 124,436 mi,
Vibration from engine when at Stop & Inn Park

2005 Toyota Camry 200,304 mi,
Leaks oil and when I added some more oil it started to shake right after

2005 Toyota Camry 160,000 mi,
While stopped in Drive, Breaks seem to make a loud vibrating noise. I can only stop it by placing the car in neutral.

2009 Toyota Camry 150,000 mi,
Shudders while stopped in drive our reverse

When accelerating, I hear sound like rocks shaking in a can. When I get up to speed, engine vibrates, then stops when I release the accelerator. Check engine light flashes when a accelerating then is on solid when idling.

Engine vibrates in gear when stopped smooth when in park or neutral. All engine mount are replaced. All engine mounts are OEM parts and a Toyota service center installed them. When the idle is at 750 rpm it is smooth in gear. Only when the idle drops to 600 to 625 it vibrates. 750 is only achieved when in gear with slight pressure on the gas petal.

2007 Toyota Camry 190,000 mi,
After replacing the motor mounts the car would idle roughly at stops while in drive.

2005 Toyota Camry 113,000 mi,
When a/c on when both fans come on there is a surging vibration noticed inside the car. When either one of the fans is unplugged the vibration is steady and barely noticeable. I've replaced fan assembly 2 times. No difference. What's the deal?

2004 Toyota Camry 218,000 mi,
High vibration at idle. Spark plugs are only about 30,000 miles

1991 Toyota Camry 170,000 mi,
Haven't fixed yet. Having this problem along with the ABS sensor, the speedometer and RPM gauges fluctuate or do not work while driving and AC does not blow cold air.

2004 Toyota Camry 189,000 mi,
Car shakes at 500 rpm

Car will shake when idle and in driver

2004 Toyota Camry 236,000 mi,
Gear replacement and the slow movement in climbing hill continues

car started vibrating just recently and not only that my car is starting to sound like a motorboat

1991 Toyota Camry 208,563 mi,
It shakes while they stop on D

2005 Toyota Camry 193,000 mi,
When on drive and in stop sign shutters and wants to turn off. Also the same when I reverse. When pus gas to drive don't see any shuttering.

vibrates when come to a stop. also when braking

When brake is held car shakes a litale and makes a funny noise

Vibrations seems to emanate from the transmission. When in gear (D or R) only. At idle in neutral vibrations disappear. Just had oil changed 1 week ago, plus new engine mounts installed. What gives?