Q: Alternator problem on 2004 Mitsubishi Diamante

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Since installing a NEW battery, my car will out of the blue go completely dead when going to start it.
I took it to have the amps tested on the alternator and the reading was 30 amps...I have been told that the amps should read 47 as norm, 70-90 as norm and also 110-115 is the norma. Which is it?
Do I need a new alternator because my original battery worn down the alternator?
And is the burning rubber smell (with no noise) coming from the alternator belt?
And the last question...if I am going to replace the alternator and belt, should I have the timing chain done as well?
PLEASE help!!
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You need to have a tech give a diagnoses to determine exactly why the alternator isn't charging properly, But if your Diamante is nearing 100,000 miles its time to replace the timing belt and water pump anyway and they can replace the alternator at the same time because the timing belt is located behind the alternator, Hope this helps
Thanks! I was figuring the same thing but needed your input.
Could I just get the Timing Belt, water pump and other belts replaced?
I don't know when the belts were last replaced...I bought it with 40K miles on it.